Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Woodly Park/Zoo and Adams Morgan, DC

One of the most interesting neighborhoods in DC is Adams Morgan!  Not only does the area have a huge, absolutely free zoo for anyone to visit filled with exotic animals but the ultra hip and trendy restaurant and shopping district is just a $5 cab ride or a gorgeous walk away! 

First of all, I'm kind of at odds with the whole "zoo thing".  I'm not a huge fan of animals or anything in captivity, so I tend to stay away.  But I have taken now, both my nieces to see the flamingos and the other beauties that live behind the cage:/  I remember how mesmerized I was being taken as a child, and I wanted to share that joy!
The weather that day was about 95 degrees and sunny, so many of the animals were resting in the shade, but it was still nice to have a window into the animal kingdom, even if that window was in the center of the bustling city...

This guy was huge!  It was way too hot for him to be outside, so he wanted to walk around the inner spaces.  It was tough to capture him not in motion, so thankfully I got this shot!

This guy on the other hand was all about the public eye!  Posing and checking us out, just as much as we were checking him out!

My niece LOVED seeing all the animals, especially the ducks and ducklings that roomed freely on the walkways. 

The flamingos!  Ahhhh, the flamingos, my favorite part of the zoo!  I am a lover of all things bird and these are the prettiest of the pretties!!!  I love how they tuck themselves away to hold in the heat and bask in the sun, when all the other animals cool themselves in the shade.  Their brilliant pink color seems to radiate off them and truly capture your eye!  They're too pretty not to sit and watch!

The elephants are another reason I venture to the zoo!  Seeing elephants is a rare occurrence in life.  These huge, beautiful animals don't have nearly enough room to walk around!  The DC Zoo has expanded the elephants areas by leaps and bounds, but it only has so much room.  They were so cute to watch, bathing themselves with dirt to keep the sun and bugs away, drinking water, and calling to each other! 

The baby panda was a riot to watch, laying about, eating his lunch of bamboo shoots and iced fruit.  He'd tumble around, sit up and eat, and lay down and study us!

When you leave the Zoo, travel further into the neighborhood and check out the gorgeous shops and restaurants!  As you walk along the sidewalks you'll be passed by people on bikes, and others shopping and walking their dogs.  It's a bustling city with a ton of movement, jump into it!  

Open City is one of my favorite places to grab brunch on a weekend, lunch on a weekday and everything in between!  They make great teas and coffees and have amazing pastries to grab on the go!  Love the open patio on the side on a warm, sunny day!  

As you walk the streets and over the bridge, be sure to stop and see the view, it's pretty spectacular!

If you'd rather bike, stop by any Capital Bikeshare station and pick one up for a small fee:)  Have Fun!

Mama Ayesha's in Adams Morgan is an incredible place to grab a delicious Mediterranean dish!  Do try the Hummus followed by the Shish Kabob, the Lamb is so tender!  The space itself is as delicious as the cuisine!  Beautiful, colorful lanterns hang from the ceiling, plants add greenery and life, and the lush fabrics and and carved textures around the windows and doors add a feeling of being in a restaurant along the Mediterranean!  

If you're more in the mood for a stone-baked pizza in a funky art filled atmosphere, look no further than Mellow Mushroom!  Create your own pie, order a craft beer and relax with friends or enjoy time solo, this place is great!

Madam's Organ is the spot for Blues and Soul Food and it's been around for over 20 years!  Just look for the gal on the side of the building with a cascade of flowing red hair, she marks the spot!  Head here for a night of live music and chill eats! 

Violet Boutique is a Haven for the Newest Fashions!  And the price isn't bad either!  I have picked up a lot of closet staples here over the years and the selection and the adorable gals that run the shop keep me coming back time and time again!

The Brass Knob is one of the most beautiful stores in DC!  The entire shop shines of brass and crystals and you'll find treasures abound!  Antique lamps, light fixtures and other beauties for your home such as iron gates, fire screens and other curiosities crowd the corners of this row home shop!  You are sure to bring home something you'll love for years to come! 

Casa Oaxaca offers up Authentic and Traditional Mexican Cuisine if you're in the mood for something with a kick!  The guacamole is amazing and the Mole is even better!  Enjoy!

For fun and funky vintage threads, head to Meeps!  One of DC's best vintage clothing shops for Women and Men!  You'll find antiques, costumes and lots of threads from the 70's to the early 90's!

Soussi is a great place for dinner!  It's a hip Downtown Moroccan French inspired restaurant with a Hookah Bar!  If you've never tried Hookah, you should definitely try it, and try it after you've enjoyed the Steak Frites with your dessert and tea!  This is a great place for a date or a group outing!

Toro Mata is one of my favorite shops of all time!  Bursting with beautiful finds from Peru, like tiled mirrors, hand painted figures, furniture, jewelry and many other gorgeous treasures!  I have purchased many goodies from this shop and everyone here is so nice and knowledgeable!

Adams Morgan is a place full of life, art and culture!  Every building, every wall mural, every shop and all the interesting people here will fill you with a multitude of desires and passion's!  You'll want to express yourself, take home a treasure and keep Adams Morgan in your heart forever!  So Go!!! ;)

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