Friday, January 9, 2015

Happiest of New Years!

A Toast to the Season!
It's that festive time of Year when you break out the Fine China for Dinner Parties, Crystal Saucers for the Champagne and get all Gussied Up for Friends and Family Gatherings;)  It's also a time of Self Reflection, Giving Thanks and looking toward the Future with Hope and Happiness!!!

Happy New Year!!!!

A time for starting over, making resolutions, forgiveness and moving forward!  We all hold on to things from the past that we can't change, good or bad.  New Years gives us a chance to let it go, some will and decide to move forward and some will continue to hold onto the past.  What will this New Year bring for you??? 

This year, make a plan to live life healthier, more beautiful, more financially secure and stress free!  It all starts with you!  This is the best part!  No one can choose your path but yourself:)
Are you working on a project or several, like myself???  Make a deal with yourself to complete your project, set a goal, and consistently put time toward completing that goal!  You'll be glad you did!  Just be aware of things that could keep you from getting what you want.....

* Working way to hard for too long!  There will always be work.  Work smart, set clear goals and timelines to keep you from working long, hard hours.  Delegate, seek support, and hold yourself and others accountable.  If you are usually a person who takes on life almost all by yourself, take a step back, put training and trust in those around you and take some things off your plate!  That'll give you some much needed time to take a load off, sit back and relax for a few minutes;)

* Money or lack there of.  We either want more of it to save or more of it to spend.  Which will it be in 2015?  Take a hard, honest look at your bank account(s), is it everything you want it to be or is it the perfect time to take new action and make a change for the better?!?!  Readdress your personal or household debt.  Review your finances, realign your investments and recommit to saving.  All will make for a financially sound new year and a less stressed You!  And just think, the more you can set aside, the more you can travel;)

* TV and too many Movies.  There will always be a new show or movie to watch or an old favorite, waiting to be watched again for the thousandth time.  Believe me I know, when I'm exhausted, I love nothing more than to sit down and watch my favorite show/movie, but set a time limit!  Time is what drives us, time sadly, controls us.  There is no hiding from it, no pushing the pause button or rewinding the tape.  Time continues to move with or without our present!  Turn off the TV, hop off the couch or out of your favorite chair and keep your heart set on achieving your goals, instead of watching others achieve theirs.

* Food.  It can be your life long companion or your life long enemy!  You get to choose!  Better your tummy with natural foods and drinks.  Become an educated consumer, read ingredient labels, be aware of what your putting into your body and when.  Make sure to eat three larger meals a day, a heart healthy breakfast, a nutritious lunch and an even better dinner.  Snack lightly after breakfast and before dinner if you need a boost.  Stay away from fast food, preservatives and sugary, syrupy snacks and drinks.  While we're at it, go easy on the alcohol, caffeine and sweets intake, whether you like to enjoy a glass of wine at the end of the work day or you like something with a little more kick to take the edge off, the secret is Moderation!!!  No matter how much you want that second or third cocktail, coffee or that second piece of cake, think of the effect your putting on your body.  You only get one, take care of it!

* Sitting Still.  Exercise!  Do you feel winded running to your car to escape a downpour, or feel tired and groggy every morning before work.  New Year, New Start!  Make time for bettering your mind and body.  Reading books keeps the mind growing and active, try brain activities online or pick up a new language to increase brain function and activity.  Play cards with friends or family instead of watching a movie, it'll increase conversation and actually increase your health.  Start a work out regimen, set aside time at least three times a week to be active.  Run, bike, swim, lift weights, rock climb, whatever you like, just get up and get moving!  Your bones will be glad you did;) 

* Family.  God love em, they can make your life Heaven and they can make your life Hell.  It's probably because we love them so much, if we didn't, we wouldn't care!!!  Family is both a supporter and a stress-or, the two almost acting simultaneously.  Whether you are wanting to start a family or you're in deep with the one you have, family is and always will be a part of whoever you are, but it doesn't have to be everything! Some of you come from a family you can't change, no matter how much you'd like to change them and others have built a family you can't live without.  No matter which it is, make time for yourself, be true to your own thoughts and feelings and do what matters most to you!  I'm not advocating defiance or bad behavior, in fact, I'm all about sacrifice, good manners, compromise, respect and being supportive and kind to my family.  But if you find you have more toxic than tolerance, its time for a change.  Be happy, make good decisions, listen to the thoughts and opinions of others but make your own call, in the end, it's your life, make it a great one!

One year down, Alexis, oh the wonders that await you<3
From my family to yours, May you have a Healthy, Prosperous, Successful and Happy New Year!!!

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