Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Letter, from a Trip Abroad!

Dearest Readers,

I've missed You!!!  At the end of May, my Husband and I went to Europe for two weeks!!!  We flew from New York to England, took the train to Paris, and flew to Italy!  It was quite the whirlwind:)  But we had a lovely time!

Coming soon to Chez Jacqua Blog will be a breakdown for each city we visited, my recommendations on where to Eat, Shop and great Sights to see, I'll also lend some advice on what to pack and how to dress while you're abroad, so that, as a tourist, you'll blend more easily into the exquisite cultures that await you in your own travels!!!

Travel!!!!  As you well know, this is what I live for!!!  Whether it's venturing out close to home into nearby cities and states or flying long distances to far away places!!!  I truly believe we are put on this Earth to experience the world, each and everyone of us!  

Some Ask: Why travel???  
I respond: It's my destiny, it enhances my very life, my soul, for I am only given one!  I travel to seek out new ways of thinking and feeling, new foods to try, new places to discover, new people to meet!  I travel because in it,  I find more of myself:)

If you ever think to yourself:  I'll day, I can't afford it right now, I'm too scared to fly,  I have no one to go with me, STOP!!!  

Try not to think you have "all the time in the world", see and do as much as you can NOW, life is pretty unpredictable and none of us know what awaits us tomorrow.  There's no time like the present!  

All of us spend money everyday, some of us save, some of us use credit cards, whatever your situation, we all spend our money in different ways, on different things.  Try setting aside a savings account or "travel fund" add 10% of each paycheck into it (or more) to start the journey towards making your travel dreams a reality!  Remember, look at where your money is going, is it spent on material gain or life changing experiences, the choice is yours! 

If you're anything like me, flying makes you nervous, especially long distance flights!  When we went overseas the first time, I actually went and got medication, I assumed, would chill me out during the flight. Well, first of all, any foreign medication going into your body is going to effect you in ways you can't quite predict!  After taking one dose before the flight and FINALLY having the groggy, super irritable feeling I had for the past almost 12 hours wear off, then and only then, could I truly enjoy myself!  My advice, trust yourself, take deep, slow breathes, have a glass of wine to calm your nerves off the bat, but try not to take any medication and don't over drink, that can make you feel even more stressed.  Pack your Kindle or a good book, buy the latest Vogue or whatever your fancy while your waiting to board the plane and I can't "stress" this enough....THINK POSITIVELY!!!!  Think about where you're going, and how long you've waited to go, and what got you to this point and what you want to experience.  If any negative thoughts even TRY to get in your head, don't give them the satisfaction of sticking around for long! 

Some don't like to travel alone:/  But, some of the coolest people I know, travel SOLO!!!  You know why, because they don't wait for others to follow, they live their own life and make the most of it each and every day!  Traveling gives you a sense of Independence!  I spend a lot of my time also on my own, as you have read in this very blog, I'll travel from city to city either with someone, or not!  I do not wait for others, if someone wants to accompany me on a journey, GREAT!  I love that, if not, I'm perfectly content to find my own adventure and it makes for some great writing and self exploration.  Test yourself!  Listen to yourself!  Do not be ruled by others, but find your own voice, know what you want and be true to yourself:)  

Now grab your scarf and tote, buy some french macaroons and a cuppa to go and go create your own journey!!!  Whether it be near or far, find somewhere to explore:)  I'll write back soon, with details on our first stop: London, England:)


Jacqua ;)

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