Friday, October 4, 2013

The Maryland Renaissance Festival

Tis the season for Merriment!
Every year, from the end of August to the end of October, the Renn Fest comes alive!!!
Drink local wines and craft brews, feast on roasted turkey legs, buy arts and crafts you can't find anywhere else and play the games of a different time!  The Renaissance Festival will give you a day of laughter, curiosity and memories you'll not soon forget!!!  So visit one nearest you, they can be found almost one in every state and they're worth the trip!  Bring a small group to walk the village with, take pictures, see a joust or a show, and meet the King and Queen, get into the spirit of it all and have fun!

First things first, a photo op!

You'll see all sorts of characters here at the Renn Fest, mimes on stilts, folks dressed in full Renaissance costume, tight rope walkers, sword swallowers, knights and their ladies fair, and the court jester!

Meeting the King is a must!  Be sure to greet him kindly and ask about the misses<3

If you're after something truly out of the ordinary hustle and bustle of America, head over to India....or around the corner, to take a ride on this beautiful elephant!!!!!

If you'd rather something a bit smaller, you'll find camels as well:)

I wanted to take my niece on the elephant ride, I thought "she's probably never been on an elephant before", I was right, and we had a wonderful walk around the grounds:)  I hope she will remember it for years and years to come!!!  I mean, how often does one in the USA SEE an elephant, little own RIDE one:)

Next we headed over to the slides, payed our dollar and jumped on soft carpets that sped us down a hill of humps, it was worth it, sooooo fun!!!!!

Try your hand at some knife, axe or throwing star games, just $2, will get you a bundle of goodies to toss, get one in the wall and you may win some drink tickets!!!!  Just remember not to throw knives after drinking;)

Photo op round 2!

Enjoy the special time you get to spend with your loved ones<3

See a show or two!  I have been to see Johnny Fox for almost 20 years, every time I visit the Renn Fest I'm sure to check the time for his 4:30pm sword swallowing show and I always say a quick Hello to him afterwards.  This year was especially cool, because I got to introduce my niece to him, I had been going to see him since I was about her age:)  Keep your eye out for his famous "Water from India!" ;)

If the shops keep catching your eye, check out the glassblowing house, with beautiful, mouth blown, swirled glass treasures for your home.  You'll find pretty, orange pumpkins, glassware, vases, and Christmas tree ornaments among other beauties!!!  If clothing is more to your taste, check out all the brilliant dress maker cottages!!!  Inside you'll find dresses for her, jackets, shirts and pants for him, hats, head dresses and accessories.  Be sure to stop by the boot shops as well, for a pair of custom made, leather boots!!!!  And don't forget about the jewelry makers, stunning creations, you'll find everything from rings, necklaces and earrings to beautiful headbands and hair clasps.

You'll see pottery ranging from everyday wares to spooky, cooky crockery!  You'll see drinking horns, beer mugs and clay wine glasses!  You'll see leather bound goods with hand made, wrinkled up faces on the fronts of kindle covers, purses and book safes!!!  You can take home candles, local honey, and other home goods too!!!  Oh, the finds:) 

And Renn Fest also features some truly amazing artisan furniture that's both absolutely beautiful and extremely comfortable!!!  Don't mind if we take a seat:)

No Renn Fest is complete without a trip to the Archery station, where you'll receive a quiver of arrows to release the stress of the work week!  Aim High!!!

When your tummy begins to grumble, take a break and feast!!!  With all the crazy choices, my favorite is definitely the turkey legs:)  The steak on a stake is pretty juicy as well, and afterwards nibble on some sweet nuts;)  or a piece of cheesecake on a stake....yes, its on a stake!!!

 What better way to walk off your lunch than to head over to see some gravity defying tight rope action, with The Squire on the Wire:)  He's always got on the cutest shorts under that kilt, and he's not afraid to show them off!!!!

You'll have so much fun, you'll jump for joy!!!!  So you and yours, what are you waiting for....GO!!!  There are only a few weekends left!!!!!


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