Saturday, July 27, 2013

Glitz and Glamour, at your Service!

This post is all about inviting all that glitters into your life everyday and twice on Sunday! 

There's nothing quite like getting up in the morning, having the place to yourself and making a spot of tea!  It's even better when you have the latest Vogue, featuring a multiple page article on the recently released Great Gatsby!!!  This is my first order of bliss, alone time, not all the time, but everyone needs a quiet, happy place to call their own.  Mine is my home, filled with color, interesting furniture, artwork in all shapes and sizes and antiques:)  I like to have most of my glitz and glamour right at my fingertips!

After you've had your rest and relaxation, telephone up your pals and have some fun!  In my opinion, there is nothing like a little party to catch up and enjoy some fine food and drink!  First, you'll need something to meet them in-     

My Choice, for this special occasion, go with a Morgan;)  Knocking out fine motors like this one since 1910, Henry Frederick Stanley Morgan assembled all his cars by hand in Malvern, England.  This 1950's, Morgan +4 caught not only my eye, but my still beating heart<3  It took all I had in me not to jump right in the drivers seat and hot wire the thing;)   

 When you get to where you are going, make sure the atmosphere is perfect!  You'll need guests, fresh flowers, delectable eats, tasty drinks and most of all, MUSIC!!!  In our day too many people plug their IPhone into a speaker box, next time, try a table top Victrola featuring some Cole Porter and the two handsomest brothers in town!!!!  
The Dapper DJ's are not just great fun, their great friends!!!  Brothers Alex and Jack can transport you and your pals to a pretty swanky place:)  They spin the creme de la creme of tunes from the roaring 20's-50's that are sure to get you and yours up and moving to a great beat!!!  From the Charleston to the Fox Trot, they bring it all:)  For this special occasion, we looked our best in some threads from the 1930's!  Instead of heading over to your local mall, check out Downtown Frederick, Tiara Day and Venus on the Half Shell will be able to dress you from Head to Toe!!!  My sister Windy dolled up in a 1930's Parisian lace dress from Tiara Day with hat and gloves to match!  These two shops have the loveliest of ladies that are sure to find you the perfect dress and then offer up ideas for accessories too!!!  You'll be turning heads, that's for sure:)   

Alex and Jack will even teach you a few tricks;)

When you're serving the food, or whether you decide to put everything out for guys and dolls to grab for themselves, be sure to add a little style!  Dress up ordinary water with slices of cucumber, lime or lemon.  Serve an Iced Tea or Lemonade for those who won't imbibe.  For those that will, be sure to have it all, from white to red to bubbly!!!  And to lower your costs, have everybody bring their favorite:)  Put out your best drink and serve ware, because lets be honest, it probably sits in a China Cabinet or closet all year long!  Bust it outta there and use your good stuff, it's prettier and its meant to be used and loved!!!  

For the food, tea sandwiches, roast chicken, fingerling potatoes or a risotto with a salad is perfect!!!  Add scones, tea cookies and fresh fruit paired with homemade devonshire cream, lemon curd and a selection of jams as accompaniments.  Hard and soft cheeses, like manchego and goat are nice as well paired with nuts, dried fruit and honey; I prefer pistachios with dried cranberries:)  For later in the afternoon, it's nice to put out a tea service for those who have had a lot to drink, offer different pots of various teas so guests can choose their favorite.  It's important to offer a black, green and herbal or fruit tea, it will refresh and awaken your guests.    

Instead of going out and spending money on trash, like paper plates, plastic forks and paper napkins, go for old silverware, my personal favorite is a mix and match I've collected over years from antique stores, its beautiful and much more fun than white plastic!!!  Small cocktail cloth napkins are easy to find too, and their better for the environment;)

 During the afternoon, while the conversation is going, treat people to games!!!  My recommendations, croquet or bocce ball on the lawn for those who want to head outdoors and cards for those who want to stay in.  You'll also have those who want to watch, so be sure to have seats and tables throughout your party for those to kick back and relax.  

When the day is done be sure to write home about it;)  And not through email!!!  Try a 1930's Remington Portable instead, folks just don't send enough through the Post Office anymore.  You'll be sending your correspondence a fun, reflective note with style and grace.  Try using nice paper and a wax seal to really impress!!! 

Rules to live by:  Life is much to short and full of the unexpected, so make everyday beautiful, filled with love and laughter and joy!  Surround yourself with people who make you happy and don't waste time with those who bring you down!  Enjoy each other, your home, your job and your hobbies!  Make time for yourself:)  Hope you enjoyed this post!

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