Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Biking the Capital Crescent Trail

Looking for a good work out?  Want to get outside and get moving!  Either solo, with a friend or with your love, let the great outdoors bring you closer to home!

Starting in the center of Downtown Bethesda, MD, 8.5 miles outside of Georgetown, begins the paved Capital Crescent trail!  Home to bikers, runners, rollerbladers and scooters, the trail will take you away from the stress of the day!  On the trail, you'll be shaded for miles by lush, overgrown trees and an array of wildflowers.  You'll have a blue sky overhead and hear the songs of birds in the trees as you run, bike or scoot, just remember to ring your bell and call, "On your left", before passing!

Because the trail was once a railroad track, there is a pretty cool, old tunnel on the way to DC, the Dalecarlia Tunnel.  Built in 1910 as the Georgetown branch of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, I believe it carried mostly coal and other goods, but in my mind, I imagine the trail once carrying many people from the suburbs to the city for work and play.  Every time I ride through the tunnel I'm transported to the 1940's.  I imagine men and women shuffling off to work in suits and hats.  Gentlemen reading the daily paper, ladies reading books, their gloves folded neatly in their laps, their hats tilted, pinned in their curled hair.  I imagine small, polite conversations and smiles, daydreamers looking out the train windows at a very different view.   Sadly, CSX transportation, years later stopped operations through the tunnel in 1985 and abandoned the rail line the following year:(   Well today, the same trail carries passengers, just in a different way:)

There are a couple of places to stop for water at fountains along the trail, but I encourage you to carry a bottle or two of SMARTWATER to keep yourself revived and replenished.  After you've traveled about half way towards Georgetown, you'll come to a rather busy intersection if you're riding the trail on a Saturday or Sunday, at Fletchers Boathouse.  This serves as a great place to stop, take a drink, grab a bite to eat at the snack stand, walk along the Potomac River and C&O Canal and take in the views!!!  

Once you ride underneath the Whitehurst freeway into Georgetown, you'll come into the Georgetown Waterfront Park, walk your bike and take some pics because you'll see the tall buildings of Roslyn, VA just across the River and the beautiful Key Bridge, and then the outstanding view of The Kennedy Center.  Georgetown is a great place to stop for lunch before you continue on.  Chadwicks is the first restaurant you'll come to on your left, this is a great spot for burgers and beers!  Bangkok Joe's offers up amazing Thai style dining with an edge, you'll feast on crispy wontons, steamed dumplings, tantalizing rice and noodle bowls and definitely wet your whistle on their FAMOUS GINGER LEMON ICED TEA!!!  YUMMY!!!!!  If you want more options, just travel up Wisconsin Ave. to M.Street and you'll find everything from Cozy French and Italian Bistros to Classic American Diners, Enjoy!!!

After lunch, its time to burn those calories and keep movin!!!  Ride along the water towards the Monuments for more fantastic sightseeing:)  Be sure to stop at The Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials, and ride around the National Monument!

Ahhhhh, DC.  I will never get enough of you!  You are my favorite place to walk or bike around, take pictures, grab amazing eats and drinks, and spend the day on my own or with my loves:)  You pretty much rule my world<3
I <3 DC......and my Husband;)  I hope you enjoy the trail, as much as I do!

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