Friday, March 1, 2013

A Nighttime Stroll along the National Mall, DC.

DC is beautiful day or night!  But most come out in the day for a tour of monuments and museums, and who could blame them!!!  DC is home to some of the greatest museums in the world, and they're all within a short walk of each other, PLUS, the area is covered in other beauties, like sculpture gardens, reflection pools, fountains, and even an antique carousel that still gives riders thrills to this day:)
But after 5pm, when the museums lock up and traffic thins out, DC is a dream to experience as the sun goes down!!!  Start with watching the sun set anywhere near the Potomac River, you can't beat the sun turning orange in the sky as it falls to sleep over Roslyn in the distance!  Then, grab a bite to eat before you start your night!  My newest recommendation:  Teds Bulletin on Barracks Row!!!  OMG, you Baby Boomers and antique lovers out there, this gem is sure to please:)  Walk into this warm and friendly restaurant and you are instantly transported back to the 1930's!!!  From the metal embossed ceilings and huge, iron lanterns, to the metropolis looking walls and black and white movies playing on the old TV sets, you'll fall in love with another era:)

Yes, the menu is the newspaper;)

Serving up amazing comfort foods like Burgers and Shakes, country fried steaks, grilled cheese, fish and chips and breakfast all day, there is something yummy for everyone!!!  The atmosphere is warm, friendly and speedy, so make this your next restaurant destination!!!

Now it's time to work off those calories with a walk in the Nations most beautiful city!!!  With the dark blanket of the night sky, the monuments and memorials shine like white, marble stars!  There are parking garages along Independence Ave. and meter parking throughout the National Mall area, choose a spot around the Smithsonian Museum, that way you'll be able to enjoy the view of the Capitol and the other monuments and memorials which are in the opposite direction.  Once your parked and on your feet, enjoy!!!  
The Capitol
The view of the National Monument and museums is one to treasure from up on "the hill", find a quiet place to sit for a few moments and simply treasure the view!  Then head toward the Monument and take a left toward this treasure out past the glistening water of the Tidal Basin.

Thomas Jefferson Memorial

View of the city from Tidal Basin
During your walk, take in the surroundings.  Feel the spirit of America lift your spirits.  As I walked along the sidewalks, passing the museums, looking out onto my next stop, the grandeur of this city always amazes me. It brings me such joy to be able to walk along these magnificent structures whenever I'd like, and I don't get to nearly as much as I'd like too!!!  Once, every few weeks just isn't enough;)  This particular night was very windy, so I was bundled up tight!  I passed many groups of tourists and lots of locals along my walk, I stopped to take pictures of others trying to capture their moment in the city and I stopped to capture my own.  As I stood on the steps of the Jefferson memorial, looking out onto the distant city lights, I almost felt like I was on the edge of the world, looking back at it!  Being over on the other side of the Tidal Basin, its very possible to feel that way, you're so far off the beaten path around the National Monument.  Between March 20-April 14th 2013, you can experience the absolute beauty of the National Cherry Blossom Festival.  Online you can even track the cherry blossoms bloom time to see them at their peak!  If you haven't been to DC, or haven't been in a while, the National Cherry Blossom Festival is a must!!!  Between the beautiful parades, food tours, paddle boating and entertainment, plus, amazing pictures, you and yours are sure to have a memorable time:)
Abraham Lincoln Memorial

View from the reflection pool
This is another place that's great for a sit and either a chat, or some quiet reflection.  With all the tourists, I did a little of both;)  When I did get a few moments to myself I just enjoyed the spectacular view!  I thought about our Founding Fathers and all they did to accomplish this great city, I thought about our leaders today who fight around the clock to keep it safe from harm and I thought about how much I just love living in the greatest city in North America!!!  I think Jimmy Newman captures it perfectly in his song, "Washington, DC":)

After all, this is what this blog is all about, finding happiness, feeling inspired, enjoying life and adding something beautiful to the everyday grind.  With a city this beautiful, one could ask, "So, why are you staying in tonight?"  

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