Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Living Healthier and Happier makes life more Beautiful

I was inspired to write this posting because of the people in my lives who always strive to make themselves better!!!  I write this for all of you who inspire me, everyday, in different ways, and I want to share my tips and yours on how to make your life more Beautiful :)

To start, I am a firm believer in all things in life in moderation, in fact, if you know me well, you have heard me say this A LOT, and it's probably driven you crazy:)  So I'm going to begin with food and drink in take, after all, we are what we eat!
My tips for a healthier you:

Natural is best!  Follow the Food Pyramid: Grains, Vegetables, Fruits, Milk, Meat and Beans!  Lots of Water!

NO- FAST FOOD!!!  It's very Fatty, loaded with salt and many preservatives !!
NO-SODAS/ENERGY DRINKS!!!  They're loaded with sugars and high fructose corn syrup and they're addicting and awful for you!!  There are however natural sodas in the market that use cane sugar and natural flavors like: Boylan, Izze and Hansen's!!  So if you must, just remember- Always in moderation!!!  You'll save yourself years of cavities!!
NO-CANDY BARS/JUNK FOOD!!!  Their not doing anything good for you!!
NO-SNACKING AFTER 9PM!!!  You need to allow your body to digest and get ready for sleep!!  Save yourself the uncomfortable toss and turn!!

YES-SUPER FOODS!!!  Stock your fridge and cabinets with these guys, their GREAT for you and yours to stay strong and healthy!!!
> Green Super foods such as: Green Leafy Vegetables and Wheat Grass support healthy digestion, burn fat, heal the body, are packed with vitamins and minerals, contain protein and healthy bacteria, build better muscles and tissue and fight against disease!!  So Eat your Spinach, Kale, Lettuce and Broccoli Boys and Girls, you'll thank us later:)
> Fruits and Nuts such as: Coconuts, Goji Berries and Raw Cacao, are rich in anti-oxidants!!  Coconuts are a great source for electrolytes, they clean the blood and boost your metabolism!!  Goji berries offer up vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and E!!
> Beautiful Bee's give us: Honey!!  Raw Honey rich in bee pollen gives us the benefit of longer life!!
> Seaweed such as: Nori and Kelp contain 10X more calcium than a glass of milk and they purify the blood system:)  Anyone for sushi???
> Herbs such as: Ginseng and Aloe help to heal the body!!  Ginseng is good to calm the stress in our lives and it promotes regeneration in the body, so take when on the mend!!  And Aloe, Aloe Vera helps to heal burns, cuts, acne and eczema!!  Aloe juice helps with digestion and helps to prevent acidity in the body.

Don't forget about your tried and true favorites when making out the rest of your grocery list: Sweet Peas, Green Beans, Brussels Sprouts, Strawberries, blueberries, apples, oranges, pears, grapes, Pistachios, walnuts, pecans, honey comb, Kombu seaweed, Cinnamon, Ginger, Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme;)
And throw in a bunch of sweet potato, red skinned potato, butternut squash and pumpkin (when in season), onion, tomato, avocado, cage-free eggs (I prefer brown eggs), leafy lettuces, cucumbers, Greek yogurt with apricots or honey, multi-grain or honey or whole wheat breads, 2% milk (some fats are good for you), coconut spread or oil for cooking (great on jasmine rice), meats and fish (I love salmon), and cheeses like goat, mozzarella, brie, Stilton, sharp cheddar (look for Stilton with apricots or cranberries).

For Eating:

AM:  Try some Peanut butter that is natural versus anything made with lots of added sugar (this is great spread on toast to start the day), add an apple or banana, yogurt with granola and a small glass of o.j. and you should be good to go for a while!  Good coffee doesn't need much in it, so try not to mask an awful cup of Joe with lots of milk and sugar, just buy better coffee:)  A touch of cream and sugar won't hurt but it shouldn't be 75% of your cup;)  Green tea is another way to get a touch of caffeine and not give you the 10am jitters.
MIDI:  For lunch, try to bring with you when possible, you'll save money, time and pounds by not constantly eating at restaurants which use a lot of butter and salt when preparing our meals, and we wonder why eating out tastes so can always go out....but keep it in moderation:)  Try making a leafy salad, add cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, pine nuts, avocado, and grilled chicken, pair it with a small amount of healthy dressing on the side until you're prepared to eat.  Another fruit or an Odwalla smoothie would compliment this and fill you up!  If you're anything like me, at the end you'll want chocolate  so go for a Dark Chocolate bar, you can find the nice ones at Trader Joe's or Whole Foods, don't eat the whole thing at once, a regular sized bar should last you 2-3 days.  Moderation is key!!

PM:  Dinner's Ready!!!  Prepare some jasmine rice, and spoon in some coconut spread, it tastes amazing, saute or bake chicken or steak marinaded in soyaki or teriyaki sauce or try mixing together maple syrup, garlic powder and orange marmalade for an amazing way to glaze a piece of salmon.  Any of these options need a veggie, add steamed whole green beans or roasted brussel sprouts, flash boil for a minute or two, then roast in oven for about 10 min, can toss with olive oil, cracked fresh pepper, a pinch (literally) of salt and a dash of garlic powder for an awesome side dish.  A very small bowl of ice cream or small dessert is fine after your meal, there's just no need to eat more than a child might need, limits people, limits!!

SNACKING: During the day you might need a pick me up, KIND bars are great, they are AMAZINGLY tasty and filling and so so good for you!!  You'll find combos like blueberry pecan, apple cinnamon, pistachio and berry, etc.  I also LOVE "chips", well at least the FOOD SHOULD TASTE GOOD chip/crackers or STACEY'S Pita chips, these "chips" come in a variety of YUMMIES, like Sweet Potato, Multi grain, Olive, etc.  Do try!!

Lifestyle Choices:

Get ACTIVE!!!  A body in motion stays in motion and a body at rest, stays at rest!!  I participate in yoga and rock climbing (indoor or outdoor) and I would highly recommend the two together, especially if you're part of a couple.  These activities are great to do in teams, you have to rely on each other for support and balance so it gets you communicating!!  I also like to play tennis, swim, horseback ride, bike and shop...hey, that's a cardio workout:)  Try to work out 2-4 times a week, this year I have vowed to be more active, and I know many of you have as well, so lets get on it and keep it going!!  Walks after the work day are nice too, get out, get some fresh air, breathe, its good to get at least 20 minutes of sun a day, but I believe one needs much, much more.  I myself thrive in sun and need to be outside A LOT!!!

Get the TV out of the bedroom!!!  This is a recipe for disaster!!  The bedroom should be a retreat for sleep, rest and intimacy, don't let it become a place you fall asleep after midnight to late night TV!!  Read a book, I love my KINDLE, and I've read so much more now that I have it, get recommendations from friends, read up on some philosophy, history, art and travel to broaden your horizons:)  If you're part of a couple, hold, talk, massage, stretch and play, it's much funner:)

Get into Art, Wine Tasting, New Foods, One of a Kind Restaurants, Different Cultures, New Languages, Travel and anything else that opens your mind and gives you Happiness!!!  Visit new cities, historic sites, museums, art galleries, book stores, go to readings, support your local businesses, do charity work- even if its donating clothes and food, do something to help your community!!!  Talk to others, MAKE A PHONE CALL or write letters to friends and loved ones, it's more personal and closes the gap in your relationships.
Get into SAVING!!!  Try to ease up on the spending, its a new year, the holidays broke the bank and we're all looking forward to our tax refunds.  Let's start putting money away, even a little goes a long way:)  Forget the minimum payments on your credit cards and always pay more than the minimum, you'll get your debt cleaned up quicker with less interest!!!

Get into a HOBBY!!!  So many of my friends are involved in different activities such as: restoration whether it be their favorite antique piece or a hot rod, painting, drawing, writing, music, sculpture and blacksmithing...really, my friend Mike Edelman makes this his life's work and he's incredibly talented:)
Stage 1
Stage 2

"The Road" by Me :)
Here's to Happiness, Health and Prosperity for all in this New Year and Beyond!!! 



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