Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Day in Hume, Virginia

Founded in 1848 as Barbee's Crossroads, Hume Virginia was later named after the Hume Family who lived there.  Home to commerce, blacksmithing, farming, cattle moving and wine making, Hume takes you back to the past, to a simpler time.  Prepare for a long drive from the city, prepare for long winding roads through miles of open country side and farmland, prepare for smiling a lot;)

Living in the fast paced city, in a suburb just outside D.C., one has to find escape to the country whenever they can;)  After all, I grew up in the country!  So I try to get back a few times a month, it keeps me happy and grounded:)

One fine day I decided to take my little sister out to Hume Virginia, to the Marriott Ranch.  Yes, Marriott has a ranch, where city slickers can go relax in the country and move cattle across the land.  They also specialize in scenic horseback riding tours.  Our day started with meeting Cowboy and Bunny, our horses for the afternoon, then we simply saddled up and went on our way:)  Our guide took us on a lovely tour, we rode our horses through open cattle filled countryside, through the woods, we crossed many creeks and traveled up and down through the mountains.  As we rode, we learned how to control the horses, we took photos and we enjoyed the singing of various birds, we even heard the far off tapping of a wood pecker in the distance.  The sun shone down on us through the naked branches of the trees in the woods and we enjoyed every moment of the splendid ride:)

After our ride, my sister and I went to nearby Aspen Dale Winery at the Farm.  Aspen Dale Winery is one of the most beautiful wineries I've visited.  The tasting room was built near the road and behind it sits acres of rolling hills.  Horses and ponies grace the landscape and an old barn sits beyond a fenced in area where you can sit by a fountain and enjoy your wine and the view:)

Hume Vineyards, Philip Carter Winery of Virginia, Desert Rose Ranch and Winery, Barrel Oak Winery and Three Foxes Vineyards are just a few of the other wineries around Route 66 heading back towards the city. If you wish to dine before or after your horseback ride or winery visit, The Plains, Virginia is home to a great restaurant called The Rail Stop and there some great shops offering up wine, gourmet foods and antiques as well.  The Rail Stop will fill you up with its ever changing menu, some highlights include their:  Pan Seared Soy Glazed Atlantic Salmon, House made Raviolis and Pumpkin and Pecan Waffles:)  Yummm!!!!

The Country, have I mentioned I love it out there;)
Le Bon Vin!!!

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