Thursday, November 15, 2012

Historic Kensington, Maryland

Looking for an afternoon of antiquing, a little closer to home?  Is driving downtown just not your thing?  Then look no further than Historic Kensington!  One of my all time favorite destinations for Fabulous Antiquing!!!
Just a few minutes from the beltway, off of Connecticut Ave., you'll see a beautiful green sign on Howard Ave. directing you to a lovely, tree lined street, full of antique shops, a cozy little restaurant and a simple, country tearoom.

I have been coming over here for years and have very good relationships with the many shop owners up and down the street!  Their treasure filled shops are favorite places of mine to visit at least once a month!

Goldsborough Glynn is sure to impress, the sisters who own this beauty are some of the sweetest ladies I've ever met!  Their shop is filled with walnut furniture, crystal glassware, etched mirrors, beautiful paintings and small finds such as silver flatware, jewelry, and pottery.  One of my favorite pieces in my history of antiquing is a hand painted, antique Japanese coffee table with a glass top, when you looked down into the glass the lower level gleamed with paintings of geisha's dancing!  Delightful!!!

Flotsam and Jetsam is a few doors down and the moment you walk in the door, and up the front few steps you are transported into a world of goodies!!!  This shop is filled to the brim with small and large beauties.  They house furniture, vintage clothing, lace, glassware, dinnerware, small figurines, old books, and some of the neatest odds and ends one could hope for:)  Favorite piece's of mine from here are two sets of micro mosaic earrings I had made out of an old broken strand of micro mosaics from what must have been a bracelet or necklace at one point in time!

Hand Carved Chess Pieces!
Antiques and Unique's is another all time favorite, no shop owner would be complete without a trusty sidekick and this shop owner has his, a lovely little Japanese Chin who will greet you when you come in with her little tongue hung playfully out of the side of her smile:)  This shop offers up some fantastically, interesting furniture, many pieces hand painted, I have seen Japanese painted tea carts, oriental cabinets, and beautiful french chairs.  This shop also has a variety of glassware, dinnerware, tea cups galore and many other beautiful items to fill that empty spot in your home:)

It would take me all day to tell you about the other shops on and off this quaint street, but you'll have to visit it for yourself:)

When you're in the mood to take tea or even stop for lunch, sit along the street in the window to watch the passersby at K-Town Bistro. Open Tues-Sun 11-pm for lunch and 5-pm for dinner. I've had tea and lunch here too many times to count and the service is always wonderful and accommodating and the food is delectable:)  Let your troubles melt away seated at a table dressed in pressed white linens, fine bone china, silverware and gold rimmed glasses.  Your taste buds will get up and sing like mine did when you bite into their juicy K-Town Burger, add cheddar cheese and avocado for a great sandwich!

While in Kensington, a trip down nearby Beach Drive promises a close-up view of the Mormon Temple, it's just a short stroll from the parking lot, down onto the green grass to stand and marvel at this amazing structure.  As seen from coming down the beltway towards the Connecticut Ave. exit from College Park it resembles what I used to call it as a child- Cinderella's Castle:)  I remember as a small girl in the back of our car waiting for the moment when my parents would call for me to "Look!" from the front into the backseat where I would crane my neck through the middle of the front seats to catch the sun dancing rays of wondrous sunlight off the peaks of the temple.  It always made my mind wonder about the lovely princess who I believed lived inside:)

The National Park Seminary is also off of Beach drive and Linden Lane nestled in the wooded neighborhoods of Silver Spring.  Built in 1887 as a Getaway Resort, it became a finishing school for Ladies in the early Twentieth century.  Later it served as a rehabilitation hospital during World War II, and then became significantly neglected.  The Seminary now offers living on a whole new level, the grounds and buildings have been restored to their former glory!  Drive along Linden Lane to stop and gaze or walk the grounds of this enormous area, covered in interesting architecture and peppered with many small homes that once held sororities:)  

Have a lovely Afternoon, and be sure to tell me all about it;)
Bon apres-midi!

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