Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Just tap your vintage heels together 3 times and...

You'll be in Clothing and Accessory Paradise in DC!!!  A weekend off is a rare thing for a gal who works in retail, and has her own store!  So when I had this Sunday off, I couldn't waste it!!!

I was off to have some fun in some of my favorite shops in DC! A pop into Mercedes Bien in Adams Morgan, only open on the weekends, its a trip I rarely get to make with my work schedule, and I am delighted every time.  Bien offers many tiny treasures including colorful micro mosaics and beautiful brooches as well as beautiful clothing, handbags, shoes, and more vintage belts than you could ever hope for!  They also have lace gloves, eccentric accents for your home and amazing menswear, including tons of cowboy boots and flight suits!!!

A stop into Miss Pixies, with its array of beautiful items for the uniquest of homes was first!  I can easily spend some time in here:)  From their vintage marbles to their exquisite vintage furniture, you are always sure to walk away with something!  Once I fell in love with an old hand painted Chinese coffee table and on another trip swooned over an antique block of apartment mailboxes that were bigger than me, and just wished I had the space to put it on a wall in my place!!!  Oh, the treasures I could hide inside;)

Then, I was upstairs to Mimilah for great vintage threads!  After losing myself in the beautiful vintage clothing, I left with a "new" pair of navy blue textured heels that I couldn't live without, a must for my collection!

A few steps down 14th street and I made it to Heaven...or Treasury, always a MUST!  Beautiful, hand-painted hair combs, pocket watches, Chinese filigree bracelets, shoes, embroidered handbags and vintage clothes, ohhh the clothes!  This place is the creme de la creme for 50's to 80's fashion:)

All in All, a perfect day!  I came home with a wonderful pair of vintage heels, which are a luxury in a world wear you love old things and can never find a wearable pair of unique shoes and a 1960's Ronnie mini dress from London which the lovely lady at Treasury and I just went Gaga much so that she posted me in it on her shop's Blog!

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