Sunday, March 25, 2012

Afternoon Tea in DC

Two of my favorite things in life!  Dressed in a 1950's creamy, eyelet blouse paired with a navy capri pant from J.Crew I stepped out in my navy, textured heels, my ivory vintage bag in hand to go meet the ladies for Tea at The Historic Henley Park Hotel in Washington, DC.

The weather began to turn from billowing clouds of gray to sweet rays of sunshine in the pale blue sky above as I drove through the crowded streets of Downtown.  I rolled down my windows to take in the smell of Cherry Blossoms and Magnolias in bloom and caught the passers-by along either side of Massachusetts Ave.  I saw loving couples hand in hand, ladies and gents walking dog's or breaking a sweat during their jog.

I made it to the Hotel and was greeted kindly at the door by a tall, handsome man as I stepped inside.  I entered the Front Parlor through stained glass double doors and found my ladies waiting for their Hostess at the large round table, elegantly dressed in pressed white linens, classic glassware, freshly polished silverware and fine, scalloped white china.

I should in fact, introduce these lovely ladies, I think they've waited long enough for their introduction.  My lovely little sister Angela, her golden brown haired tied back to show off the glimmer her Chanel earrings; My Mother Deborah, dressed in a feminine black dress, a thick belt squeezed her waist and her hair softly curled; My Adoring Aunt Donna, with whom I share most of my passions ( Antiques, Tea and Good Wine ); My Adorable Aunt Ellie, who gave me a fine apron, hand stitched, covered in cherries, always so sweet and generous and her daughter, my cousin Chrissy, who I had shadowed for the better part of my childhood and her daughter Kaylin, perfect in her black tutu skirt and pink top.

We talked and laughed, sharing traveling stories over our little pots of tea.  We dined on petite sandwiches of salmon and watercress, cranberry sconces, and macaroons, that were all atop each other on tall, tiered stands.  We scooped thick dollop's of devonshire cream onto our little plates and took jam from tiny jars that peppered the table.  We finished our meal with glasses of Kir Royal, a delightful french cocktail made from creme de cassis and Champagne, topped with a raspberry and fresh seasonal fruit.
It was a lovely way to spend my Sunday!  Afterwards we parted ways with kisses, hugs and well wishes.
Bonne Journee, mesdames !

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